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12 Tips for Organizing the Family Bathroom

12 Tips for Organizing the Family Bathroom

They get messy very quickly; here’s how to keep bathrooms neat and clean

By FamilyTime

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With several kids and adults using the same bathroom, it’s not surprising it often looks like a hurricane just swept through. It’s not hard to organize this small room, but keeping it tidy is a challenge.

Basic organizational systems work well in bathrooms. Here are 12 that might help you get on top of the steamy, busy room!

1.   Rearrange shelves and medicine cabinets so that small items are on small shelves. Store those for specific purposes in containers.

2.   Store large items, such as hair dryers, brushes, and curling irons, in the same drawer or basket.

3.   Buy a shower caddy that is large enough for your family’s needs.

4.   Use small holders that attach with suction cups for things like razors, soap, and nail brushes.

5.   Buy each child a color coded bathroom caddy to hold his toiletries. The caddy can stay in the bathroom or be stored in the child’s room.

6.   Keep shampoo and conditioner in a waterproof basket near or in the shower. A basket is easier to remove for cleaning than individual bottles.

7.   Keep bathroom counters clear. Put anything you want to remain on the countertop in baskets.

8.   Keep miscellaneous items off window sills and tub rims. Provide hooks, baskets, drawers and shelves for them.

9.   Store cleaning items, extra rolls of toilet paper and anything else that is not used everyday under the sink or on a high shelf out of sight.

10.  Install hooks for towels, as well as bars. Small children have easier times with hooks and they can  be placed relatively low on the wall.

11. Color code towels and washcloths so your kids know which to use.

12. Post a list of rules for leaving the bathroom as it was found. These could include things such as hanging up damp towels, putting clothes in the hamper, and re-capping the toothpaste!

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