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5 Tips for Keeping Off the Pounds

5 Tips for Keeping Off the Pounds

The holidays are tough for anyone watching their weight. Here are 5 great ideas to help!

By FamilyTime

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As tempting as it might be to throw caution to the wind during the next few weeks, there's no reason to sabotage your diet during the holidays. We have five sensible tips guarenteed to help.

  1. Drink a big glass of water and eat a little protein, such as sliced turkey breast or low-fat yogurt, before you go to a party or to the mall. If you are not famished, you will be less tempted by the holiday buffet or the food courts. Food courts are particularly dangerous during the holidays. It’s tempting to sit down for a while during shopping trips, and if you must, have a cup of coffee or diet soda and nothing more.

  2. At holiday parties, eat high-fiber foods and protein before you even glance at the sweets. These could be crudités, fruit, sliced lean meat (such as turkey), or even small amounts of cheese. Go for goats milk cheese for relatively low fat. Again, sating your appetite will help you fight temptation when you finally get to the dessert table.

  3. Take frequent walks. This reduces stress but it also burns calories and keeps you away from food. Plus, when you exercise, you want to eat. Get some family members or friends together and walk around the neighborhood after dark to admire the lights. Indulge the dog and extend his daily walks. Anything you do to increase your activity level even a little helps a lot!

  4. Give of your time. Extra hands are always welcome around the holidays and the work will keep you from nibbling and make you feel great. If you already help out somewhere, offer to put in more hours.

  5. Make that inevitable New Year’s resolution a few weeks early. You know you’re going to “promise” to lose five pounds or cut back on chocolate come January 1, so why not resolve to begin now? No time like the present. And you’ll feel extra good about yourself!

Finally, don’t berate yourself if you slip. After all, these holidays only come once a year and January — with all its firm resolve — is just around the corner. Happy holidays!



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