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Apps for Students

Apps for Students

Technology cannot replace hard work and initiative, but it sure can help.

By Lonnie Weathers

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College and even high school students can start the new school year off right by getting organized through their mobile device. There are any number of improved school applications available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android, and so if a student is interested in app-ing his or her way to success, they're just a tap away.

gFlashPro: This is all about flash cards. Flash cards are one of the most popular and effective ways for students to learn. gFlashPro is available for virtually any phone and allows you to create and modify comprehensive sets of flash cards for every class you have. There are even a few sample card sets included, such as the Periodic Table of Elements (something every Chemistry 101 student needs to memorize — and then promptly forget).

Student Docket: The first thing any college student tries — and often fails — to do is appropriately manage and organize projects and assignments. Don’t fret; the secret to project management, as you will find throughout your professional career, is a good project management program.

Student Docket allows students to keep track of their classes, tasks, assignments and much more. It’s also available for older operating systems, so students on a budget won’t have to invest in a new phone.

Facebook: In the face of academics, it might be easy to forget the essentials. The ubiquitous Facebook is something that practically everyone needs these days, especially those going into unfamiliar territory.

Facebook was originally designed as a way for college students to keep track of and meet other students. Entering a college environment without it installed on your trusty phone is a lot like going to a party without chips and dip. Sure, you could do it — but it's just wrong.

Evernote: This is something you may be using in your professional life as well as your student life. Evernote is an extremely popular application that allows you to quickly and effectively write notes and record voice memos.

The program is sleek and streamlined so that you can connect to your notes on your desktop computer for studying purposes. With support for every major phone system available, it’s the perfect app for all of your study notes.

Pandora. School isn’t all about studying. Pandora is the leading Internet radio service available, and it’s also completely free. If you need a moment to take a break and think, Pandora will be there for you. This streaming service adapts to your musical tastes by asking you to rate the songs you listen to. Once you’ve rated enough songs, you’ll find Pandora becomes eerily accurate in providing you with what you want to hear.

The right mobile phone apps can certainly make college and high school a little easier. As with anything, the key to success will be hard work, consistency and dedication. And no, they don’t make an app for that.


Lonnie Weathers works for a marketing company from her home office. She studies marketing and tech trends and freelances on weekends.

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