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Eat Right at Those Holiday Parties

Eat Right at Those Holiday Parties

Don't Let Temptation Spoil Your Good Times

By FamilyTime

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We've all been there. The house is decorated from top to bottom, your friends and neighbors are gathered, and the feeling of good fellowship leads you right to the buffet.

Or, the room is large, there's hardly a soul you know, you are not sure why you came to the party, and a feeling of panic leads you right to the buffet.

In either situation, make wise choices when faced with a holiday spread. You will feel better as the evening wears on, and when you get home you won't be tempted to beat yourself up for overeating.

As off the wall as it sounds, eating and drinking sensibly and with care are two of the best ways to enjoy a party!

Take a Good Look

Don't grab a plate on your way to the food and then start piling it high with goodies. Walk around the table, or along it, and take stock of what's being offered. Make healthful decisions about what you will choose.

You may decide that, hey, it's Christmas and you've been "so good" all year, you deserve to indulge in a wedge of quiche, a cup of eggnog, or a slice of spice cake. And why not? Go for it, but not for all three.

Instead, choose the shrimp, the crudites, and perhaps a few olives. Supplement these with a super indulgence.

Don't Overload Your Plate

Hold back. This is a party, not an all-you-can-eat marathon. Put enough food on your plate so that you feel happy but not so much that it's piled high.

You can always return to the buffet table for a little more. In the meantime, walk away, find someone to chat with, and eat what you have taken. Don't head back directly. With your appetite quelled, take time to enjoy the people at the party, the music and decorations.

Stick with the Smart Choices

When you decide you want a little more food, make smart choices. Don't reach for a second piece of quiche or more sausage. Nibble some vegetables, spread goat cheese on bread or reach for some feta (both cheeses are relatively low in fat and calories), and anything that includes raw fruit.

Stay away from fatty meats, creamy pastas, and rich, buttery pastries. Go for salads, make-your-own turkey sandwiches, and fruit cocktails.

Alternate glasses of wine with glasses of water. (This is a trick a lot of veteran party-goers rely on.)

You don't have to overindulge to have a good time -- but if you do eat a little more than is prudent, hey, it's Christmas and you've been so good all year! Have fun.


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