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Six Tips for Packing the Christmas Ornaments

Six Tips for Packing the Christmas Ornaments

Put your decorations away carefully. You will be glad you did!

By FamilyTime

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Many of us pack away our Christmas and other holiday decorations by January 6, which is Twelfth Night. Even if you don't follow this custom, you will be putting them away soon.

A little planning now will save time next year. Here are six tips for packing up your ornaments and lights.

1. Pack glass balls in their original packaging, if possible. Individually wrap breakable ornaments in tissue paper.

2. Use cardboard egg cartons to hold and organize small ornaments. Small paper cups are good organizers, too.

3. Wrap candles in tissue paper or clean, smooth rags. Old socks are great for this!

4. Discard old or hopelessly tangled lights (they should be replaced every three or four years). Wrap those lights you keep around a piece of cardboard. Cut a slit in it for the plug end. Try wrapping them around paper towel rolls, too.

5. Replace old cardboard boxes with plastic tubs with tight-fitting lids. Fill the tubs with shredded newspaper and nestle ornaments in the paper. The shredded paper will prevent the ornaments from shifting too much if the tub is moved.

6. Mark the boxes clearly. Put the labels on the front of the boxes or tubs so that you can take them down in the order you will need them next year.


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