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Christmas Tree Decorations Kids Can Make

Christmas Tree Decorations Kids Can Make

The kids will have hours of fun making ornaments and decorating the tree!

By Kathy Oberman

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What could be more fun than making your own Christmas tree ornaments? We have some very simple ways to decorate the tree this year that encourage the kids to use their imaginations. The results are both whimsical and patriotic.

What You Will Need to Decorate
You will need clear plastic Christmas balls with removable tops; white pipe cleaners; red, white and blue beads; red, silver, and blue tinsel; colorful ribbons; potpourri; glitter; aluminum foil; small jingle bells; Styrofoam or plastic cups; and craft paint.

Set up a table covered with craft paper or a damage-proof plastic tablecloth. Cover the floor with newspaper or a drop cloth in case of spilling. Fashion a makeshift drop cloth from large plastic garbage bags and duct tape.

Whimsical Christmas Balls
To make these fabulous Christmas balls, help the kids remove the tops of the clear plastic balls, with your hands. Once open, the balls can be filled with anything your kids' little hearts desire, such as shiny stars, small toys, tiny Santa's or elf figurines, or beads and tinsel!

Another idea is to pour a few drops of craft paint into a clear plastic ball and swirl it around to make an abstract, colorful pattern on the inside of the plastic. For a more festive look, mix silver or gold glitter into the paint first. A thin coating of paint works best.

The kids could choose to fill the clear balls loosely with colorful potpourri. Don't pack it tightly into the ball and leave enough room to replace the top of the ball.

Patriotic Christmas Balls
Patriotic Christmas balls can be made several ways. One is to fill a clear plastic ball with red, white (or clear), and blue beads. Another is to fill the plastic ball with red, silver, and blue tinsel. Be sure to fill the ball to the top, leaving just enough room for the top and the hanging loop.

Use red, white or blue ribbons to hang the balls. For a more elaborate ornament, string large red, white, and blue beads on a pipe cleaner and loop it through the hanging loop. Bend the pipe cleaner so that it can hang on the tree.

Silver Bells
Silver bells are delightful, musical, and easy to make!

Wrap two Styrofoam or plastic cups with aluminum foil, tucking the foil all the way up inside the cups. Use a pencil to poke a small hole in the bottom of each cup.

Tie a single bell on the end of a red or green ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the hole of one cup by passing it inside the cup and out the hole. The bell will be inside the cup. Feed the free end of the ribbon through the hole in the second cup, this time from the outside of the cup. Tie a second bell to the end of the ribbon inside the second cup.

The bells will anchor the ribbons inside the cups. They ribbon should be long enough to allow you to hang the bells from the tree or anyplace else in the house that needs some Christmas cheer!

Have fun decorating the tree--and don't forget cookies for Santa!

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