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Pumpkin Corn Muffins

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This is a new twist on two foods which are great. Pumpkin and corn. This would be very nice to serve for Thanksgiving as well as a brunch or even breakfast.

These muffins were very good. They are simple to make and are great served either sweet or savory. They are very versatile. I would add jalapenoes and serve them as a side dish or fruits and nuts and serve them for dessert.

Please remember, DON'T OVERMIX these or any muffin recipe, or they will come out tough and full of big holes (called tunnels). These are a good source of fiber from the cornmeal and Beta Carotene from the pumpkin. Enjoy, my family did!

I tried this recipe this morning and they were fantastic. Not hard to make and the pumpkin gave the corn muffins a great flavor.

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